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The Right Way To Look At Your Shopify Business

Summary While building Assembled Brands and Weekly Accounting, we have seen the financials from over 3,000 Shopify businesses in the last 8 years and invested in over 120 of them. This article summarizes our learnings and shares how we look at these businesses. Our intention is to help ECommerce company founders see their business better […]

Weekly Accounting Is…

Weekly Accounting is a management process, a methodology, a spreadsheet language, a philosophy, a practice, a strategy and more.

We start with a Gift

As we get to know you and your business, we start with a Gift. Step 1. Connect Quickbooks Click here to connect. We build you a Weekly Data Warehouse Integrated Financial Model ‍ First step in building a better view of your business. Step 2. Schedule Initial Business Review ‍ ‍

Level 2 Marketing Metrics

In the beginning, we set up a simple row set for marketing driven businesses. In the early days Ad Spend can be grouped into one expense category. As companies grow past Series B and begin to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on advertising, we get very explicit on the chart of accounts.

Our Story

Growth is easier with weekly metrics. Weekly Accounting, Inc. provides bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services to companies on QuickBooks Online. Unlike CPAs who only do bookkeeping once per year at tax time, we maintain your books perfectly every week. Once you see your business weekly, the old ways of seeing your business will seem quaint.In addition to the accounting basics build a Weekly Data Warehouse and an Integrated Financial Model with data from all your business metrics.