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Weekly Accounting helps people see their business better.

We specialize in capturing data from every business application and transforming it into a compelling and actionable set of views.

We developed Weekly Accounting working with hundreds of rapidly growing companies over the past twenty years. We’ve found when you put the weekly metrics in front of an empowered team, they get better faster.

The Weekly Accounting System

Accounting for All Your Business Data

Once you see your business weekly the old ways of seeing your business will seem quaint.

Monday Morning Metrics

Monday Morning Metrics act as a drum beat for an empowered team to make progress. If you put the right data in from of a talented and empowered team they always get better.

With 52 cycles per year instead of 12, you’ll get better faster.  Its that simple.

If you aren’t managing your business weekly, you are managing your business weakly.

52 Cycles per Year is Better than 12

A System to Drive Results

Weekly Accounting focuses business leaders on Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value – the key metrics of growth, profitability and higher valuation.

After implementing Weekly Accounting, one of the companies using Weekly Accounting reduced spend by over $200,000 per month in just three months.

“It was a miracle,” Board Member of a company on Weekly Accounting.

Another one was able to work less and make more,

“Weekly Accounting gave us the clarity to balance our work and personal lives.” – Amanda Rogers and Andrew Marr, Founders Digital Storyteller.

Another was able to make rapid progress on key goals.

“When a team see’s progress in the metrics on a weekly basis, its intoxicating,” Jake Schwartz, Founder General AssemblyBrave Health.

Boards and Investors Love It

“That was the best analysis of a business I’ve seen done in a board meeting,” – Michael Berolzheimer, Bee Partners.

Companies on Weekly Accounting have grown and raised over $200 million in the last 2 years.

Developed by Experts for Experts

We built Weekly Accounting to make Fractional CFO consulting services more productive and effective.

We imagined a system that would prepare all the numbers perfectly for us, then we built it.  Now we spend our time working strategically with the companies on the platform.  – John Zdanowski and Jeff Abrams – Founders, Weekly Accounting, Inc.

Along the way, we helped out partners grow as well.

Weekly Accounting helped me grow my fractional CFO practice in a healthy and sustainable way. – Sam Kaplan, SHK Financial.

We Start With A Gift

As a next generation Startup Advisory Team, Giving the Gift is a critical part of our growth strategy. Our prospects and founders love it. – Ethan Lu, Founding Partner Phoenix Strategy Group

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a little better by helping everyone make progress on the right metrics weekly.


John Zdanowski and Jeff Abrams, Co-Founders

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