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Weekly Accounting Is…

Weekly Accounting is a philosophy. Everything changes. Focus on present bottlenecks.

Weekly Accounting is a practice. The three pillars of Zen are Teaching, Practice and Enlightenment.  The three pillars of Weekly Accounting are know What Is, manage What Should Be, imagine What Could Be.

Weekly Accounting is a strategy based on unit economics. What’s our path to profitability? How long will it take? How much will it cost? What’s the best way for us to grow? What channels are working? How big can we get?  What are we worth?

Weekly Accounting is a management process built on Monday Morning Metrics. Over and over we’ve seen that if you put the right data in from of an empowered team, they get better.  With 52 weekly cycles per year instead of 12 monthly cycles, you’ll get better faster. Its that simple. If you aren’t managing your business weekly, you are managing your business weakly.

Weekly Accounting is a methodology for building and managing a customized system to integrate data from across your business so people can make progress weekly. Every business is run on a slightly different set of applications in a slightly different way. Weekly Accounting integrates it all simply.

Weekly Accounting is a spreadsheet language. We are engineers. We developed a programming language to enable us to model every business process easily. We’ve modeled thousands of them using this language. You can learn it and you can help businesses too.

Weekly Accounting is a business intelligence agency. Weekly Accounting helps businesses get better faster. We have instrumented thousands of businesses to help people see their business better.  specialize in instrumenting businesses in a way that helps them get better faster. We instrument what is so you can manage what should be and imagine what could be. We’ve benchmarked thousands of businesses.

Weekly Accounting is Accounting for All your Business Data. Traditional accountants do not do this. It is as if a CPA is a license to do accounting in a way that doesn’t help the business. The monthly close is a bad habit left over from when bank statements had to be mailed.

Weekly Accounting is a customized data warehouse for every business.

Weekly Accounting is Learnable. We have taught it to hundreds of people at dozens of companies and we’re just getting started. No accounting degree required.

Weekly Accounting is Simple because we do it for you.

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