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The Isness of the Business

The Is-ness of the Business

The Three Pillars of [traditional] Zen are Teaching, Practice and Enlightenment.  The three pillars of Weekly Accounting Zen are

  • Know What Is,
  • Manage What Should Be and
  • Imagine What Could Be.

Let’s dive into each of those a bit further.

What Is

Weekly Accounting is a Signal Processing System that illuminates What Is happening in a business. “What Is” represents the recent trends in performance metrics that have landed you where you are. The signal processing system ingests the data from every business application, lands it in a Weekly Data Warehouse (in Google’s BigQuery) and transforms it into a compelling and actionable set of views. These views include the Monday Morning Metrics, the Integrated Financial Model, the Reporting Tool and the WMQ (Weekly Monthly Quarterly) charts. All of these views are included in soon to be released application.


What Should Be

Weekly Accounting is a Management Process that provides a critical feedback loop between What Is and What Should Be.  Monday Morning Metrics act as a drum beat for an empowered team to make progress. If you put the right data in from of a talented and empowered team they always get better. As the founder CEO, your job is to observe the behavior and the results. Notice who is most responsive and action oriented toward the data. Coach and encourage that in others.

With 52 cycles per year instead of 12, you’ll get better faster.  Its that simple. If you aren’t managing your business weekly, you are managing your business weakly.

What Could Be

Weekly Accounting enables your business strategy to be based on unit economics. You’ll easily be able to answer:

  • What’s our path to profitability?
  • How long / how much will it take?
  • What’s the best way for us to grow?
  • How big can we get?  What are we worth?
  • Should we grow faster or focus on profitability?
  • How can I best maintain control of my company?

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