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Introducing Phoenix Strategy Group

Who are we?

Mission  We help growing companies “level up” their management engines, raise more capital, and exit at higher valuations.

In the past 12 months, we have helped many businesses raise over $100mm in funding through venture capital and private equity. We’ve also increased valuation by 25%+ consistently with our methodologies.

As founders in many businesses ourselves, we advise our companies on how to prepare businesses for sale, find buyers and equity partners, raise venture financing, re-capitalize with debt and equity, and structure their businesses to reduce taxes on sales. We also help scale the company to $100mm in revenue for the founder, not looking for an immediate exit.

Our projects are designed to achieve concrete goals for your business based on careful analysis of your company’s data. Contact us to find out how a Phoenix project could take your business to the next level.

How can we help?

Create value X, and capture Y% of it – we help you maximize both.

  • Fundraising (Venture capital & private equity)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Go-to-Markets
  • Scale to 100mm in annual revenue

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Our 3-Step Process

  1. Apply Below ~ 30 sec
  2. Intro call for us to get to know you ~ 30 min
  3. On-boarding (We’ll do all the work) ~ 7 days

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Our Founders

David Metzler { CEO & Capital Market }


John Zdanowski {Philosofathergizer }



Ethan Lu { Data Science & Growth Strategies }


Jared Coleman { Entrepreneurial Legal Expert }


Samantha Dobbs { Founder, Zodhi Tree – People Operations}


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