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Systems Work Better Than Goals

The Weekly Accounting System is a thoughtful, rigorous framework any founder can benefit from, even those with significant experience working with data. It’s not just a set of tools but a mindset shift. It helped us uncover insights that had been hiding in plain sight.
Anna Lindow
Brave Health, Founder CEO
People Helping People
The Weekly Accounting System is the reason we raised money and scaled our company. John and his team dream in spreadsheets and can simplify and accelerate your business beyond words.
Daniel Goldstein
Trust & Will, Co-Founder, COO
The Integrated Financial Model and Monday Morning Metrics have transformed how we see our business. The team behind the Weekly Accounting System has been instrumental in our growth.
Dustin Lemick
BriteCo, Founder CEO
I love the Integrated Financial Model! It makes seeing the future, especially around the balance sheet so much easier.
Now everyone in our company has a set of Weekly Metrics they are responsible for.
Greg Moser
ShipCalm, Founder CEO
After learning the Weekly Accounting System, I quadrupled my fractional CFO business.
I love it and the team so much I joined the company
Sam Kaplan
SHK Financial, Founder CEO Chief Accounting Officer, Weekly Accounting
Weekly Accounting means I don't worry anymore about whether I understand my business or not.

Understanding things at a granular level has made making decisions that much more effective. Not to mention the constant support of the team. Can't recommend this group more.
Bob Sherrif
Career Dash, Founder & CEO
I've recommended the Weekly Accounting System to all my friends running consumer brands. The Weekly Accounting Team has leveled up my understanding the dynamics in our business. The analysis from The System features prominently in my investor materials.
Steven Wilcox
Weekly Accounting has grown with us since inception. They set up our Quickbooks, our financial model and have been instrumental in growing Aplos and helping us raise money.
David Fudge
Aplós, Founder CEO
In 25 years working in finance, Weekly Accounting is the smartest way to see a business that I've ever seen. It forms the basis of how we work with all our clients at Phoenix Strategy Group.
David Metzler
Co-Founder, Managing Director Phoenix Strategy Group
The Weekly Accounting System has made looking at spreadsheets fun (yes, words I never envisioned saying). The team has patiently taught me how to approach data from a more executive mindset. Our Weekly Meetings have guided me towards more data-driven operational changes which have led to more profits all while respecting our organization's mission.
Katie Nicosia
Recovery Works NW, Co-Owner & Detox Program Director
Weekly Accounting is much more than your typical accounting company. They take an innovative approach to combining real life data and KPIs with traditional financials to give you an individualized system from which to run your business. They take the time to learn your business as well as educate the key members of your team. With Weekly Accounting as part of our team, I have never been more confident in our ability to reach new heights!
Bryan Schwartz
Recovery Works NW, CEO & Co-Owner
I have a finance background, but John and his team bring more than numbers to the table -- they bring a fresh perspective.  The real differentiator with John and his team comes in the form of problem solving and solution building.  That's why I've been a loyal customer for three years and successfully recommended his services to several peers.
saambaa, CEO
Monday Morning Metrics transformed how we managed and grew and General Assembly.

And then it happened again with BraveHealth.
Jake Schwartz
Brave Health, Founder and Chairman, Former General Assembly, Co-Founder CEO
We finally found a system that could bring visibility to our entire Amazon business. Now we have all data from multiple countries and currencies all in one view that integrates key metrics, financials and unit economics. It has helped focus the management team and the board on the right things.
Andy Brooks, Pylon Brands, Founder
Andy Brooks
Pylon Brands, Co-Founder
We experience Weekly Accounting's power in with financial clarity and it is an instrumental driver for our growth, cashflow, and profitability. The system and team are spectacular. Highly recommended for any team wanting to scale while being financially responsible.
John Mckusick
NextLeft, Founder CEO
Within a few weeks of starting with one of my portfolio companies, with a focus on unit economics, John presented the best analysis of a business I've ever seen done in a board meeting.
Michael Berolzheimer
Bee Partners, Founder & Managing Partner