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Our Story

We believe Big Visions and Positive Unit Economics can change the world.
We cheer for entrepreneurs everywhere. We built Weekly Accounting for them.

The Team

We are a team of engineers, economists and system thinkers. We are excellent at moving data around and helping people understand what they see.

John and Charlotte have four kids and live on a family farm in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

John Zdanowski

Co-Founder, CEO, Poet.

Electrical Engineer turned entrepreneurial CFO with repeated success helping founders succeed, since 1997.

John and Jeff have been developing the Weekly Accounting System at dozens of companies for twenty years.

As CFO, John has led or arranged over a hundred private equity and debt financings, dozens of rounds of venture capital, two IPOs, seven sales of secondary stock, sixteen acquisitions and the sale of multiple companies — one twice.


Zen and the Art of [nothing]

Metaphysics in Poetry

A system to see business, life, and reality better.

Written by

John Zdanowski & Jeff Abrams

Jeff and Megan have three kids under 6 years old and live in Rochester, New York.

Jeff Abrams

Jeff has worked helped hundreds of founders in the last 12 years. He has co-founded multiple successful profitable companies and revenue streams. He thinks deeply about the way things are and imagines how they could be.