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BrightZen Systems: Year in Review 2023

Zen and the Art of Weekly Accounting: An Inquiry Into Systems Part 3 of an Infinite Series ‍ I can be whatever the system needs me to be…‍Ultimately nothing. – Jeff Abrams ‍ Our Premise Every story is the working out of a premise. About Part Three: An Inquiry into Systems Part Three is an […]

CoAuthor Proposal

CoAuthor.one offers to collaboratively craft and capture your personal tales through weekly storytelling sessions. This refined system organizes and transcribes stories, likened to the fluidity of mercury. Participants receive a unique not-a-book and pen for personal reflections. The final product is a high-quality printed notebook, ideal as a family gift. This process is therapeutic, helping individuals articulate their essence. The project concludes either by budget or time, leaving a legacy of stories in verse.

BrightZen Systems Backstory

BrightZen Systems is a partnership to level each other up. This memo puts the visible data to day into the perspective of the bigger story.


Datalinks is a deceivingly simple service. It is designed to be responsive to this simple prompt:”Hey Datalinks please get the [App Name] data from [Company Name] and put it into the Weekly Data Warehouse”

The Process

Implementing Weekly Accounting is like watching sausage get made – messy but necessary. Start by building a Weekly Data Warehouse, then refine the data sets continually, focusing on anomalies that shift talks from data to business. Stay curious, avoid knee-jerk reactions, and prioritize understanding reality. Old business views and stories? Toss ’em – focus on the now and let the past be yada yada yada.

The Nomad – Damon Bruce

Damon Bruce joined Sightly in 2011 and now contributes to Zen Accounting Systems and CoAuthor’s platform while serving as the Director of Software Engineering at MagnaFlow. Outside work, he’s an avid marathon runner and lives in a sizable RV, towed by an impressively large truck, despite having a mailbox in Murietta, California. A poem titled “The Poet and The Nomad” depicts a tale of two individuals living off-grid, sharing their stories, and journeying through life. Over time, they rediscover their bond, with the Poet imagining adventures and the Nomad meticulously planning them. Damon’s professional accolades include pushing software boundaries, leading by example, and effectively translating business needs into technological solutions.


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