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Coauthor Proposal

We offer a proposal.
If it’s what you’d like to do
We help you tell your story
It’s what storytellers do.

We’ll sit with you and listen.
For a few hours a week.
We’ll organize your stories
It’s a system, nice and sleek.

As a gift accept our not-a-book,
And this lovely pen,
Don’t be afraid it’s just for notes.
A place for an intention.

A headline here
A list just there
A story seldom told.

Holding in
The greatest sin.
Its worse as we get old.

We’ll transcribe your stories
And pull them from the air.
Like mercury they’ll organize
They’ll know exactly where.

We’ll jus it up and print it out
Production quality
We’ll send them out as notebook gifts
To your whole family.

It’ll kinda be like therapy
To write what makes you you.
We clean that up and then we’ll know
Exactly what to do.

When we’re done we were done.
By budget or by time.
A gift to give your legacies
Your story and a rhyme.

Part 0 is called Zen and the Art of [Nothing]: An Inquiry into Stories.

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