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BrightZen Systems Backstory

BrightZen Systems Backstory

BrightZen Systems is a partnership to level each other up. I was Jeff’s mentor for his first five years out of college. When we partnered, he became mine. Jeff is a stoic business genius whose philosophy I turn into rhymes because I am a writer and a poet. (A New Story).

BrightZen Systems incubated Weekly Accounting, Inc. As a Revenue Stream for two years before spinning it off into its own C-Corp with an equity pool that it has shared with its co-founders. Today Weekly Accounting is a profitable growing business that freed our time. Its the the Fig Tree in The Fig and The Leaf.

BrightZen Systems is the Root System in that Poem. It is pushing four new plants from the earth to the light.

  1. Phoenix Strategy Group is an M&A advisory business for companies on the Weekly Accounting Platform.
  2. DataLinks already has closed its first two clients and is profitable.
  3. The CFO Partner Program – with Matt Stamer
  4. CoAuthor -with Nicole –CoAuthor Proposal
  5. Zen Accounting Systems – with Damon Bruce – The Nomad.
  6. Value Proposition Testinator. (To Be Written)

This memo was produced by the CoAuthor System. (To Be Written)

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