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Vertical Fund Creation Systems

Zodhi Co has a system to gather the data from an industry and identify financing opportunities never before seen.

We have a Playbook

  • Origination Engine
  • Underwriting System
  • Data Knowledge
  • Vertical Experience

Who are we

We used this process to build Assembled Brands.

We built the underwriting system in Weekly Accounting.

We built the origination engine in Phoenix Strategy Group.

We’ve spoken to 1000 new companies this year alone.

Our process

We partner with leaders in each vertical.

We build a vertical website and drive conversations.

We invite you to connect your data

We build a benchmarking database.

We identify unique industry specific Investment Opportunities

We set up a small fund for the first few deals

We set up a credit committee

We gather data then

We fund the larger opportunity appropriately

Our Verticals

Assembled Brands: Emerging consumer brands (Shopify Companies)

Elevate Education Brands: Niche financing for the boot camp industry

Solar Financing

Health Care Aviation


What Industry Would You Like to Evaluate?

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