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The Nomad – Damon Bruce

We met Damon Bruce (Linkedin) when he joined Sightly at the end of 2011.

When he isn’t running marathons or being the Director of Software Engineering at MagnaFlow, Damon is helping architect Zen Accounting Systems and the platform underlying CoAuthor.

He has a mailbox in Murietta California but lives in a 45 foot RV that he pulls with the biggest truck I’ve ever seen.

I wrote this poem after seeing him for the first time in 10 years.

The Poet and The Nomad

The Poet and The Nomad
They lived just off the grid.  
They’d stop and tell their story  
Weekdays for twenty quid.

The Poet and The Nomad
Met when they were young  
No money for a roadtrip  
No lyrics to be sung.  

The nomad traveled, the poet wrote  
It wasn’t much to see.  
Both of them were quite content  
Living destiny.  

Years went by without a note  
No sonnet for the road  
The Pupil and the Mentor
Brought them back into the fold.

They imagined they could tell the tale  
That through others would live on  
They tried and failed and tried and failed  
They learned and they tried on.

The Poet just imagined.  
The Nomad he just planned
How to get from here to there  
On this gas across this land.  

The Poet was delighted  
The Nomad had his trip.  
In his giant moving house  
His cab to see the colors,  
A drop to free his grip.  

What others say about Damon

  • Damon’s Skills: He pushes software boundaries and listens well. He’s a master at developing requirements for his team and understanding stakeholder needs. Handles long-term projects with ease, even when multitasking.
  • Tech Leader: Damon knows what needs doing and gets it done. He’s easy to work with, leads by example, and is always on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Tech Architect: Exceptional in his role with a sharp business sense. He perfectly balances tech goals with real-world challenges. Not just a leader, he dives deep to solve problems hands-on.
  • Translator: Damon has a knack for turning business jargon into working tech solutions. He once swiftly built an intuitive CRM system that everyone loved.
  • Department Transformer: Quick to revamp teams and improve products. He wraps up big tasks in no time, always finds solutions, and is a treasure trove of best practices.

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