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For context as to where DataLinks sit in the BrightZen Systems portfolio, see BrightZen Systems Backstory.


DataLinks Offering

Datalinks is a deceivingly simple service. It is designed to be responsive to this simple prompt:

“Hey Datalinks please get the [App Name] data from [Company Name] and put it into the Weekly Data Warehouse”

DataLinks is a Service…

– we spent millions building at Assembled Brands

– we rebuilt as a profitable core of Weekly Accounting.

– has about $10k in breakeven revenue.

– is currently sold through partners.

– is currently being tested in Value Prosition Testinator to find a value proposition / offering based on DataLinks that has Positive Unit Economics.


Zoom AI Summary


Casual Conversation: Weather, Projects, and Sales Strategy

John and Jeff had a casual conversation, during which they discussed various topics including the cold weather and its impact on smoking. They also discussed a project in the basement and Jeff’s plans to focus on weekly accounting sales and launching ad tests. Towards the end, they discussed the creation of a value proposition testinator, and back-end system for the sales team by Jeff.

Decor, Work, Value Prop: Jeff and John’s Discussion

Jeff and John had a discussion about their respective places and commented on each other’s decor. The conversation also touched on work-related matters, with Jeff mentioning his success in getting Matt and Maria running and selling. He also mentioned his plan to make the weekly accounting completely self-sufficient. Furthermore, Jeff and John talked about the need for a clear value prop and discussed running tests to improve their system.

Ad Copy, AI, Sales Goals, CFO, Data System.

Jeff and John discussed the process of generating ad copy and imagery using AI tools. Jeff mentioned his experimentation with an ad creative AI, and expressed concerns about its cost-effectiveness. He also shared his experience meeting with Kendra to outline sales goals for November and discussed potential issues with the current system of weekly accounting. The idea of hiring another CFO was raised, and Jeff expressed his intention to test different options. Finally, they discussed new idea to split DataLinks out from inside Weekly Accounting and Jeff expressed his intention to rebuild the data system.

Data System Role Discussed

Jeff and John discussed the need for a new role within their team to manage and improve their data system. Jeff mentioned the possibility of utilizing Mariah, while John suggested they might need someone like Genesys who can do the kind of work that Jeff does. They agreed that the role should be a full-time position and should be filled by someone who can enhance the system, and not just manage it. The discussion ended with Jeff expressing his agreement with John’s assessment and acknowledging that they were saying the same thing, despite some discrepancies. They both agreed on a new reveneu stream elated to data links, with a focus on creating a customizable, revenue-generating product.

Writing Coaching and the Scribe Position

John revealed he has been coaching Hannah with a simple goals.  One chapter per week and one conversation per day. The pair agreed that this process was working well. John indicated he intended to take the Zoom summary of this conversation and demonstrate how we can use conversational AI as the fundamental underpinning of the CoAuthor Business. The writing, like this memo, would enable them to bring in other people, like Genesis, to contribute to the growth of the revenue stream.

Transition from Talking to Jeff to talking to Genesis

Jeff and John discussed the potential for a John suggested that Genesis would be involved in the brainstorming process. Jeff left an Genesys joined.


Genesis’s Potential Role in New Project

John and Genesis discussed the growth and revenue potential of a new project, with John suggesting that Genesis could be a key figure in its development. John proposed that Genesis would work for the company at the rate he quoted, with the potential for equity in the business and a full-time position. Genesis expressed interest in the opportunity, and they agreed to discuss it further in person in Austin the week of November 15th.

Business Goals and Succession Planning

John and Genesis discussed the goals and future plans of their businesses, including Weekly Accounting and Data Links. John mentioned that he is looking for someone to take over from him at Data Links, a revenue stream system that Jeff built, allowing him to focus on strategy and storytelling. John also mentioned the potential for a new client deal for Weekly Accounting. The conversation ended with John suggesting that Genesis could potentially lead Data Links, prompting Genesis to ask about the involvement of Zanowski.

Partnership, Revenue, Equity, Philippines, Collaboration

John and Genesis discussed a potential partnership that would involve a revenue stream for Genesis, equity upside, and a shift from time-based payment (Trading Money for Time) to a more profitable model. John also introduced Genesis to the idea of replacing some of his current work with a squad in the Philippines to free up his time. The conversation ended with John suggesting Genesis talk to Jeff, his partner, to learn more about the details of this potential collaboration.


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