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Society is crumbling
I know you see it too
The war machine is rumbling
Our leaders gone coo coo.

Lives better over centuries
But optimism’s popped
Supreme court taking liberties
Freedom’s progress stopped.

The food we’re fed is killing us
To grow the drug machine
Corruptions grip is chilling us
These profits are obscene.

The same machine is teaching us
But truth has split in two
Politics dividing us
Like black and white – Red / Blue

So what’s the point of all of this
Life’s lack of Quality
The stories we’ve been told
Just push anxiety

The Church of Reason blinds us
To what is plain to see
The beauty that surrounds us
From sea to shining sea.


At first this won’t be easy
But very soon you‘ll see
We’re confused by a description
Of reality.

The map is not the territory
The word is not the thing. 
The financials aren’t the business
A new song now to sing.

A song of metaphysics,
Subject-object not
Quality and stories 
Reality upsot.

Stories create reality
And that’s how we arrange it.
We’re surrounded by a many dream
And we can learn to change it.

You might say that it’s impossible 
But it’s our thing to dream it.
We’ve always dreamed a many dream 
And then we have achieved it.

Now that you have heard it
It won’t be hard to see
When we tell a story
We create reality.

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