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Zen and the Art of [Weekly Accounting]: An Inquiry into Systems

“Zen and the Art of Weekly Accounting” is a transformative approach to business finance. It’s designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone interested in a more intuitive, real-time approach to financial management. This book is a call to rethink how we interact with our business’s financial health, turning it into a more agile, transparent, and effective process.


On Vacation Hey hey hey! I’m on vacation every single day cause I love my occupation.  Dirty Heads. On the long flight from San Diego to Cancun, our first vacation as a couple in four years, I finished listening to The Moral Landscape. On the beach I finished you are here. I was out of […]

Right Data, Empowered Team

When you put the right data in front of an empowered team they get better. You can try it other ways, too, but why?

The Boot Sequence

Today is the best day ever. I am free to do whatever I want
I am the master of my universe I am the narrator of my own epic story

The Needful

“The Needful” is a word I learned from my Russian born now US Citizen friend that I’ve known for over twenty years. Its not a word that exists in english. That’s why “the needful” sounds funny. Its not-a-word. The needful points at what must be done. What only you can do. In more limiting words it […]

The Art of Complicated Subjects

Sometimes people say things like “Our education system sucks.” But this isn’t about that. When complicated subjects come up, you can almost hear people’s brains click off. It’s not surprising, and there’s a good reason it happens. Complicated subjects have been institutionalized. Priesthoods have formed around beliefs etched in stone generations before people knew the […]

Better Maps Inevitably Proliferate

We all use maps to understand the world. A person unfamiliar with a particular territory uses a map to get from one place to another, predictably.  We expect maps to be correct but sometimes they aren’t. If you have a map that shows LA between Chicago and New York City, it would not be a […]

What is being promised?

Challenges are a part of life. By changing our attitude and response to our experiences, we can reduce our psychological suffering and find fulfillment. The promise of Weekly Accounting s not to eliminate all sources of challenges in business but to transform our relationship the challenges so we can live with greater wisdom and compassion.