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The Art of Complicated Subjects

Sometimes people say things like “Our education system sucks.” But this isn’t about that.

When complicated subjects come up, you can almost hear people’s brains click off. It’s not surprising, and there’s a good reason it happens.

Complicated subjects have been institutionalized. Priesthoods have formed around beliefs etched in stone generations before people knew the world was round.

Different cultural systems bubble up and disappear. A few persist. They struggle within their cultural system and they struggle against other cultural systems.

Memorizing the details is torture developed by educators in one room school houses. It’s not education.

Education is what happens when someone pursues something they value. Something worth caring about. Something worth the effort and suffering required to pursue it.

Complicated stories split into bite-sized black and white portions polarizing the spectrum of color in the middle. Regulatory hurdles and Unions stifle dynamic innovation in education. Politics adds a layer of insanity. Dogma is preached from ivory towers at every level. Sometimes, complicated subjects are ignored because people underestimate their own ability to understand. And everyone doom scrolls their attention into algorithms. Sad.

Somehow, something academic sounds smart, but it’s often useless for helping people. This is not that.

Zen and the Art of [nothing] – makes the space for you tell your own epic story. Its all free. We make money when you read this and decide you’d like to give it as a gift. We don’t make money by consuming your attention.

We will introduce philosophical questions like: How do we know what we know? We’ll explore what is a good life and is there a map you can use to get there.  And how could we be sure.

The good news is you won’t need a single degree to understand any of it. There’s poetry and a theme song too.

Our next poem, is designed to soften the connection in your mind between the words we use and reality itself thereby inspiring us to use words more precisely.

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