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The Needful

“The Needful” is a word I learned from my Russian born now US Citizen friend that I’ve known for over twenty years.

Its not a word that exists in english. That’s why “the needful” sounds funny. Its not-a-word.

The needful points at what must be done. What only you can do.

In more limiting words it means to your duty. Its as simple as this 2×2.

The Needful: Only do what only you can do. Only do it when there’s nothing more important to do.

But blur your mind when you look at it, or you’ll miss what there is to see.

Here’s a poem that comes to mind. Needful is not your duty.

Duty Boys

Insane it is a system 
Installed from them before 
Stories that can’t be changed
Unless there is a war.

Wars arranged by men
Fought by duty boys
The way it’s always been
Unless we make some noise. 

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