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Zen and the Art of Weekly Accounting

Welcome to Zen and the Art of Weekly Accounting

Our stories come in six categories.

Poetry & Humor – The truth speaks louder here. Poetry.

PhilosophyOur Ethos, Inspiration, Metaphysics & General Semantics.

[ Definitions & Context ] – The Spirit Check as a technology for an evolving language.

Weekly Accounting – Measuring the metrics that matter most. The Idea, Done for you, Do it yourself (we’re here to help).

Today – Where new stories seem to start. The Gardening Tips,

⚖️ Case StudiesOld Stories. You be the judge.

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Despair / Not-Despair

Despair Society is crumblingI know you see it tooThe war machine is rumblingOur leaders gone coo coo. Lives better over centuriesBut optimism’s poppedSupreme court taking

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