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Tomorrow, Let it Be

I don’t think I’ll be here long

Till 65 or 63

Less than ten or eight years

Of the best of me.

It could turn out its longer

We’ll just have to see…

Either way, its different now

Than 25 or 23.

I could imagine a few decades

To sail with friends at sea.

I’d believe that to console my self

From re-al-i-ty.

I’ve got four kids I think about

From twenty to ten three.

When the youngest’s twenty too

Then what am I to he?

For them I would imagine

A system beyond me

I’d dedicate my every day

To only one story.

Well, sure, some did this before

Its there to plainly see.

Everything passed down to us

From our family.

The vines with fruits are sweeter

For the gardener’s care.

The water flows, a good tree grows

To fill the Earth with air.


If I have left

A single day

Tomorrow, let it be.

What would I do, 

This time today

With the best of me?


A Conversation with GPT about the Poem

Me: GPT please summarize the poem

GPT: Okay, here you go:

The poem “Tomorrow Let It Be” is a heartfelt reflection from a father’s perspective on the fleeting nature of time and the deep desire to leave a lasting legacy. He acknowledges the limited years ahead, contrasting his current age with his youth. Dreams of sailing with friends serve as metaphors for his life’s aspirations. A central theme of the poem is his contemplation of his role in the lives of his four children, ranging from thirteen to twenty years old. He imagines creating a lasting system or story, a contribution that extends beyond his and his children’s lifetimes, symbolizing the enduring impact of his actions. This is likened to generations of gardeners nurturing plants to create the fruits we enjoy today.  The poem culminates with the father’s wishes for his final day, tomorrow, as a prayer for how to be every day.”

Me: Thanks GPT, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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