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The Stories We Tell

Recently, Jake Schwarts of General Assembly and Brave Health invited me to fly out for the Phish concert at Madison Square Garden. We were sitting on Jake’s porch in the hilly, wooded part of New York State along the Hudson River. Jake had just put the baby to bed.

I’d shared the concepts and the poetry with Jake before he put the baby to bed. When he returned, he summarized.

“Ok, so the map is not the territory, the word is not the thing, and the numbers aren’t the business. Does all this sound crazy?” he asked and answered. “Yes. It sounds crazy. It sounds crazy because nobody else talks about business like this. Business people use words like alignment and objectives and goals.”

I took this as a prompt to introduce the words we use in Weekly Accounting.  But Jake seemed to delete them with a wave of his finger. 

“Weekly Accounting focuses on what is,” he said simply.

Over the course of the weekend, he turned Evolution into this song. Later my son’s Jack and Luke made it into a lyric video.

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