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The Path of Wisdom

Backstory: A few weeks ago we wrote a Case Study of a venture backed healthcare company with negative gross margins. We implemented Weekly Accounting. This is, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story.

The Prompt: “Have you seen the MMM?” Jake texted.  

It was Saturday morning. So I could tell he was excited.  I was sitting on a lawn chair in the driveway writing while my daughter got her car ready to drive back to college. Jake has known my kids since they were little so I texted him this picture.

Caroline, Luke and me on a Saturday morning

Always bring data to the conversation

“I can look now,” I replied. I pulled open the MMM.

Therapists were completing more therapy appointments per day than they ever had.

I flipped over to the Charts in the WMQ.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear

Right View and Right Intention comprise the Wisdom part of The Eightfold Path in Buddhism.

  • Right View: Are you looking at things the right way? Can you see the true nature of the business? Can you accept it as it is?
  • Right Intention: Is your heart in the right place? Do you have the proper set of goals.  Do you have the energy and commitment one needs to be fully engage in making weekly progress.

Without intending to improve on the perfection of the Buddha, we add the concept of “Right Data” to The Path of Wisdom in the Eightfold Path.  Data wasn’t a word when Siddhartha conceived of all this in 500 BC.

  • Right Data: When you put the Right Data in front of an empowered team, they get better.”

We’ve seen this kind of hockey stick results over and over when a company chooses the Wisdom Path augmented with data.


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