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The Night That Remains

If I could sink my teeth into the whole earth

And actually taste it,

I’d be happier for a moment…

But I don’t always want to be happy.

To be unhappy now and then

Is part of being natural.

Not all days are sunny,

And when rain is scarce, we pray for it.

And so I take unhappiness with happiness

Naturally, just as I don’t marvel

That there are mountains and plains

And that there are rocks and grass…

What matters is to be natural and calm

In happiness and in unhappiness,

To feel as if feeling were seeing,

To think as if thinking were walking,

And to remember, when death comes, that each day dies,

And the sunset is beautiful, and so is the night that remains…

That’s how it is and how I want it to be…

Fernando Pessoa

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