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As it was before

Did you hear that?

That click.

A gear long stuck

Was freed

To spin another story

To rewrite every creed.

Did you hear that?

That whirrrr

A fan long silent sung

Blade slices like a blur.

Cuts through guts

And blows the air

The smell of blood

Is everywhere.

Did you hear that?

That grind.

That freed gear

It seems has spun

Another long stuck over here.

Did you see that?

A flash

The blind went up

A crack of light

Streams through pane

To bathe the blight.

Do you smell that?

The breeze

Through that broken window

The smoke and pain of war

I’m certain it will never be

As it was before.

Did you hear that?

A sigh

Dusty faces staring

A mother holding baby

Too stunned to even cry.

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