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Signal and Noise

Subtitle: Where do you get your data?

What is the signal and what is the noise?

What is reality is what is the ploy?

What is the sickness and what is the well?

What part is heaven and what part is hell?

What can you know before you are taught?

What can you see before there is thought?

What is the moon and what is the sun?

What hasn’t started and what has begun?

What is so pure and what is diluted?

Who has the truth and who is deluded?

What is the root and what is the tree?

Can we be separate or one you and me?

Is there a path is there a way?

To shuffle the clutter from here to away?

Why is there earth and why is their air?

Everything wiped out with one solar flare?

What is the religion and what is the way?

Why should we listen t’what you have to say”

What is the seed and what is the flower?

How would it be different if you had the power?

What is the tree and what is the leaf

To what do you point at as your source of belief?

What is the food and what is the waste?

Would it still all exist if we had to be chaste?

Before you were born long after you’re dead,

What will they mean these thoughts in your head?

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