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Sidewalk Salt

I sent a poem to my friend Dan in Syracuse, He wrote back

“thanks for the poem… retirement… lol.  I have a sinus infection… on antibiotics and cold & flu meds. blech!  I just bought sidewalk salt online because I don’t want to drive to Walmart tomorrow.”

I responded :

Sidewalk salt at Walmart
They don’t sell that here.
I left the snow
That’s all to know
Please pass a fruity beer.

Is there something wrong with me?
Texting verse by verse?
Our gifted minds
The drugs we take
A blessing or a curse?

You don’t have to live that way
Salt melting the snow
Come to LA
And live this way
Not 35 below!

Dan responded with:

It’s not hard to imagine, these poetical verses thine.
Brain cells have taken damage, but what’s left is just divine.
The words, they flow like water, and sparkle clarity.
The pages inked with wonder, it takes so little time.

The chemistry it helps you, for me its sleepy eyes.
I do the work of many, when it’s dark and after nine.
The quiet all around me, the phosphor glow I miss.
I click the keys and slew the mouse.
What flows is simply bliss.

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