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She Wonders

She wonders if we love her
We say just look around
From the sun to garden fun
The love it is abound.

We came here just like you
We learned and we worked hard
We fell in love and built this house
By grace you joined the yard.

You grew of love between us
You grew of love abound
Of love beyond the infinite
It makes the world go round.

She wonders if we love her
A question yet to find:
Why did you bring me here —
To this hell inside my mind?

It’s not always perfect
The world and its gar-den.
We make mistakes
We sleep on them
And then we try again.

Evil seems to lurk
The snakes they seem to lurch
We fight for food
We fight for land
On this tiny little Earth.

She wonders if we love her
From the hell inside her mind
The stories buzzing endlessly
Each day a total grind.

And yet we seem to be here.
It was clearly worse before.
We fought for food
We fought for land
Then suddenly a war.

Its by grace we seem to be here
Our freedoms loosely held
With gratitude we pass them on
A frame I’d tightly weld.

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