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Recounting the Day

While walking the dogs I recounted the day.

I texted a picture of this house to Jeff with a prompt – I suspect they are growing pot in the garage.

Frequently when we can’t talk, we’ll just text a series of thoughts to each other.  That’s how this conversation continued.  

My friend Paul from Third Wave introduced me to his editor, Tom Lane. I talked to him today and he mentioned a retreat ten minutes from my house in March.


Then I had the thought, “I didn’t write today.” I felt a pinch of guilt that evaporated quickly. We’ve spent considerable time learning to question our thoughts. We didn’t write today, but we talked to an editor.

Steps we’ve taken towards writing a book.

Started writing. Read books about writing. Listened to books about writing.

Developed a framework and a thesis. Took an online course about writing books. Talk to other people who’ve written books. Ask them how they did it. Get introductions to people who helped them.

That’s why I talked to an editor today.

Every once in a while I have to pay attention to the dogs. Where are you Gracie?

Spot the Puppy

I thought about that list for a few minutes as we walked. We didn’t plan to do any of the things on the list. We just did them as they came up. What came before the list?  Then I remembered.

The thing we did before all of these things is that I added “I am a writer” to the I Am statements in my Boot Sequence.

The I Am statements of The boot sequence create the space in your mind to see things that will help you become.

Then I thought. How did I come up with that?

Spot the Puppy.

Earlier today I was reading “General Semantics 1937 Seminar Lectures” Alfred Korzybski

General semantics is concerned with how events translate to perceptions, how they are further modified by the names and labels we apply to them, and how we might gain a measure of control over our own cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses.      – Wikipedia

The Semantic Proof

General Semantics is the Study of Value.  The subtitle of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle is An Inquiry into Value.

By repeating something to yourself it becomes engrained into your mind. By adding I am a writer to my boot sequence I am consciously stating something I value.  When you state something you value, especially in conversation with others, it makes a space.  Space is the hardest thing to create in the universe.  It makes a space for a story that makes it true.

In contrast, as my wife will attest, “I am an avid exerciser” was never added to my boot sequence and now I weigh more than I’ve ever weighed.

Notice the path you walk each day.

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