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My Biological Clock

My wife she just denied me
So I sat under a tree [1]
And as I was just sitting there
I made love with poetry.

That’s it – I’m done.
But I’m not gonna run.
But I won’t live indefinitely
Not having any fun.

Pruning is the art, my dear [2]
It must be done caref’ly
Can we stay together
And live a new stor-y [3]

It seems that it’s been difficult
For love these many years
Caverns carved along the facets
Of that diamond from DeBeers.

I’ve thought and this is it
So you will know the news:
I’m gonna search the world again
And find another muse.

We’ll sit and we’ll wrote poetry
And make love day and night
We’ll always have our pants on
And write by iPhones light
Intimacy with someone
Just giggling every night.

You might say that it’s impossible
But it’s our thing to dream it [4]
We’ve always dreamed a many dream
And then we have achieved it.

I’m sad but I am powerful.
And you are too my love
We are filled with it, it’s everywhere
Like something from above.

I’m proud of you in therapy
And the work that /do/ you will
To see that it’s for fun we’re here
And no reason to be ill.

A billion years before our fears
Before we learned a song
Does it make sense
We breath the air
Surrounded by what’s wrong?

Our partnership looks beautiful,
Our children, home delight
But still I find myself alone
Every single night.

Stealing cuddles from behind
And sex, mostly compliant.
I’d rather just write poetry
A soft voice but defiant.

I struggled through the process
Done work to get shit right
I take my responsibility
For every single fight.

Though Love’s around
Passions have fled
A truth there that’s there to see
Let’s set our sights on something else:
A — together — new story.

I offer a proposal
On one knee begging you,
Let’s write another story
It’s what storytellers do.

In love with you and happy
Is what I aim to be.
Here now this house together
In coherent harmony.

[1] Inspiration – Clean up your room

[2] Gardening Tips – What if we never left Eden

[3] Our Ethos – The stories we tell create the reality we see.

[4] Inspiration – Dream any dream you wanted to.

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