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The Music of the Business

Goal: Turn the Matrix of Metrics into Music

Turn the Matrix…

…Into Music.               made this eight-bar set in front of me.


The Balance & Flow of Business


Right and wrong way

Each flow and balance has a Rowset based on System Type

Things that move through stages in a pipeline are things that flow

A total amount that you add to and subtract from is a balance.

Traditional accountants hear all the music but only report when the key G is played. ‍♀️

Clean and label the data

Look at it this way

Instead of

The Spectrum of Weekly Accounting Performance

At the transactional level

If Every Unit of Work was Self Aware

Then you can make a Weekly Metrics and P&L for every seat

Which results in

Alan Watts – Life is like Music







             Life is Like Music – Alan Watts    




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