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Liberty University

I don’t expect us to be moral

Don’t expect us to be good.

I don’t expect that much of others

Cause who am I to should? [1]

But call yourself a school

That teaches right from wrong

That’s based on Christian love

That sings a Jesus song. [2]

You dedicate to Liberty

And to The Word of God.

It’s a simple two by two my friends

The logic is not odd.

There’s a special place in hell

Just one of the four cell

The Shepherd knows, of that I’m sure

What little I know well.

Misconduct, Corinth Chapter 5, [3]

Pagan men won’t tolerate

Beneath your cross, the ones you lay

The oaths you speak, then violate. [4]

Like wolves among the sheep

The worst of our humanity

For you, for God and man I weep

A dialectic of insanity. [5]

Its not based upon a bible [6]

You know it when its true

We’re just men of that I’m clear

Its what us sinners do.

How can you face your fellow men?

How can you face yourself again?

My soul belongs to God, I know.

I made that bargain long ago [8]

A special place in hell

My belief depends it true

A well named cell

A bloody nameplate

Just for you. [7]

As leaders of an institution

Shrouded in The Word

Piously judging others

When inside you’re just a turd.


I forgive you.

You can do better.


Inspired by the lawsuits between the founder’s son and the board of Liberty University

[1] Pope says “Who am I to judge?”

[2] Liberty University’s Seven Hills Worship

[3] Corinth Chapter 5

[4] Liberty Code of Conduct.

[5] A combination of the Dialectic of Enlightenment, Science and Sanity and The Dialectic of the Sacred and the Comic.

[6] Not-a-Bible

[7] A 2×2

[8] Who Am I – sung by Jean Valjean in Les Miserables

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