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I have a story to tell you
I think you’ll know it’s true
It’s the story of my journey
From me to us and you.

Day to day I’ve been away
My mind too dark to listen
A man came by to lighten my load
And now my mind it glistens.

The “good news” is it’s simple.
But not what you have learned
“Enlightenment” itself is free.  
Embedded in “the word”.

Be mindful with the words you choose
As they float by day to day.
The past is gone, its but a blur
Just let it go away.

Each of us is consciousness
A spec but to receive.
The waves and forms that come at us
From breath to sounds to war.

Our specs dance among each other
Gathering form and speed
The world is but a system filtering stories through
All ideas eventually will die if they aren’t true.

——Edited out

Around the world our battles rage.
With knives and bombs and words of stories from a far.

Each persons stress confronts them best.
To make them who they are.

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