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Empathy and Delight

Notice the path you walk each day. Tonight I took a walk down to the greenhouse.  As I walked through the greenhouses I started with the seedlings, the recent transplants and then the slightly more mature plants.

Cute little seedlings that I’ve moved from inside, you are looking good! You can do this. I know how hard it seems. And its been a big move but I know you are ready for it. You are ready for it.

And you are in good shape! Look at all of you have new green leaves, especially you guys. And oh I think just pull off a little bit of that. I think that might have been holding you back a little and I think you’re gonna be fine. You keep going. Let me clip that one little brown leaf and then you’re perfectly green. And you’re just gonna keep growing.

And look at how big everybody near you is! And look at your big flower leaf. And you guys…Oh, I know how hard it feels right now but you’re doing great and you’ll make it totally make it. And you I know that probably hurt when I cut all those leaves off of you guys. But you’re going to be okay to look everybody looks greener. It’s so nice in here. Well done everybody.

Express delight

Show empathy

Never criticize.

Maybe I should add, “Take responsibility”


Gardening Tips

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