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That’s what I’d do, wouldn’t you?

I wonder, I wonder, what I would do

If I could dream any dream I wanted to.

I wonder where would I start, what would I do?

My life is fine, I don’t complain most have it worse its true.

But even then I can’t pretend that I think this is great.

Its random chance or all well planned. Or fuck its left to fate.

But if you ask, I could indulge a playful little ponder

I could dream any dream I wanted to…

Let me think a yonder….

I’d imagine a world I could control

And bend it to my will.

A whole life in dream every night

Until I had my thrill.

A few months of this or more…For sure, I’d guess, a lot.

I’d indulge in every fantasy some I’ll tell and not.

It seems that I would bore of thrill

Dulled by drill and drill

From spring fever to summer loving

Far through the winters chill

Day after day, the shows the same – with nothing else to play

A fun game every night for sure

But nothing would seem right.

If I could a life or two every sleepy night.

I’d find another wrinkle

A new part of the game

The scariest thing to imagine

Is what is here the same.

A world controlled by others

The stories I’ve been told

Of limits here and limits there

Gets quickly very old.

I’d jump upon a new thought bus

A clean and fresh new start

To zap from this reality

Closer to the heart.

If I could dream any dream I wanted to

That’s what I’d do, wouldn’t you?


See Akira the Don’s music video of Alan Watts Dream any Dream you wanted on Our Insipration.

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