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Sidewalk Salt

I sent a poem to my friend Dan in Syracuse, He wrote back “thanks for the poem… retirement… lol.  I have a sinus infection… on antibiotics and cold & flu meds. blech!  I just bought sidewalk salt online because I don’t want to drive to Walmart tomorrow.” ‍ I responded : Sidewalk salt at WalmartThey don’t […]


GPT summarizes this poem in a few sentences.

The poem “Old” speaks of a journey from ignorance to self-awareness. It depicts a persona moving beyond societal expectations and predefined paths, embracing their true, unadorned self. The poem resonates with themes of authenticity, acceptance, and the realization that sometimes there is ‘nothing new’ to discover, only the self to understand.

A Maybe Dream

People think things matter. People think they’re right.100 years, then nothing’s left?Even banks will shatter.

Deep and Brief

To John Zdanowski, for your belated birthday, a memory of our journey, brief yet profound: —- Deep and Brief From Beyul to Denver, our roads entwined,Four hours of shared space, two minds aligned.In the hum of tires, beneath wide skies,We delved into life, where truth never lies. Conversations meandered, from love to lore,Discussing the depths […]

Tomorrow, Let it Be

The poem “Tomorrow Let It Be” is a heartfelt reflection from a father’s perspective on the fleeting nature of time and the deep desire to leave a lasting legacy. He acknowledges the limited years ahead, contrasting his current age with his youth. Dreams of sailing with friends serve as metaphors for his life’s aspirations. A central theme of the poem is his contemplation of his role in the lives of his four children, ranging from thirteen to twenty years old. He imagines creating a lasting system or story, a contribution that extends beyond his and his children’s lifetimes, symbolizing the enduring impact of his actions. This is likened to generations of gardeners nurturing plants to create the fruits we enjoy today. The poem culminates with the father’s wishes for his final day, tomorrow, as a prayer for how to be every day.”

Subtle Choice

Subtle Choice Assume Garden of EdenHow would you behave?Would you be the foolish one?Or would you be the knave  Would you fight for all our innocenceOr fight for knowledge trueTo speak the word like godsOr bathe in morning dew Who will decide for all?The One! Yes! The DeciderWould she say what’s right and wrong?And who […]

A Room of Creation

A Room of Creation I sit in a room of my own re-creation I think of the rooms Lived since my creation I see the room of my father before me A few fathers back // The rooms They were scarce, see? My father, he’s old And in his last room nowWont remember the last Few […]

Beyond Conception

“Beyond Conception” is a philosophical poem that compares human existence to nature, emphasizing the importance of stories and words in our growth. It explores the idea of an unknown, expansive realm beyond conventional understanding. The poem reflects on individual uniqueness, the remarkable chance of our existence, and the transcendence of creativity over logic. It concludes by questioning the nature of truth and the limitations of formal knowledge, suggesting a deeper, more simpler reality.