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There are things that when I say them, you’can tell they must be true, Sir.

And other things it’s true — I sound a blub’rin’ foo’ Sir

The mark of truth’s veracity is steady through and through Sir

The slightest slip requires a trip to see what must be true Sir

Oh!  You must be a Truther!

Ahem. No.

Document the Evidence and list it as belief.

Then write a simpler opposite and see where there’s relief.

It’s a spectrum not just true or false, except but in…

A fiefdom?  

Yes! A fiefdom is a system wrapped up ‘round fixed belief.

So certain and determined that “In THEM there’ll be relief!”


That’s laughable, those people, on that silly team (Some)

How can they believe that? It makes no sense to me! (Some)

Yo! They look like us a wee some

It’s Usu’ly…Not Exactly a thing or not is true…see?

The edge is found between the two And that’s where this gets juicy  

Ohh! Is it a threesome?

Sort of…but not really…

In a world of shouts and whispers, where the lines begin to blur, Sir,

Seek the heart, the core, the center, where the truth seems to concur, Sir.

Though teams may clash and banners fly, and beliefs may skew our view, Sir,

The mark of truth’s veracity is steady through and through, Sir.

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