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Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the beast

Sometimes when I am listless

And need a change of scene

A trip to Del Mar Pizza

For a slice and sea serene.

Today, my break, it was disrupted

A quiet mind was moot.

A pep and beer she ordered

Herself and bathing suit.

A poets like a golfer

Hitting the words with sticks

A cart with beer on offer

A perfect little mix.

Practice don’t make perfect

That’s too much to achieve

Just write the better part of you

In stories on your sleeve.

Share them Willy Nilly

As if this is a fix

For a life that’s chilly

With far too many licks

When you write a lotta verses

In any given space  

It’ll make a line

Around your mind

That then you can then replace

That makes no sense

No that’s not true

I can’t hardly tell

It rings of truth

Is that Vermouth?

Confusion is the hell.

It’s clear that you

Believe what’s true

It rings just like a bell

You have no fear

Of that I’m clear

Certainty is hell.

Sometimes when I ask questions

And nothings clear or clean

I go to Del Mar Pizza

For a slice by sea serene.

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