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We are having the most amazing trip

Going on second day

Filled with love and energy

In every single way.


The spirit’s here we let her in

Our intention for the day

We’ll partner with the multitudes

And never ever sway.


A sin is when you break your word

That simple, yes. You see?

Using words it isn’t tough

Even poetry.


Our warrior is driving

Our hearts are pure and beat-y

Cocreating is the mission

Proper intimacy is key-y. 


Hold safe space in dialogue

As long as it is fun.

Co-creativity is not a one night stand

Nor of a lifetime run.


A partnership of values

Of clear communique

Play its fun, no sex this way

A common theme on TV

Every single day.


Values are like underwear.

And women should be free.

To learn to use their power

Like fucking poetry.


A vow’s a vow, we Cocreate

But not a family

A way to get your freedom

In every single way.



GPT What do you think of that?

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