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Mom always asks the right questions.

‍ Mom saw me typing “Are you working?” “No I’m writing.” “Are you retired?” I puzzled, looked and then I said “This is what I’d do if I were retired. For example, On Thursday I went to Newport for lunch with Charlotte On Friday I went sailing That night I flew to Chicago to see […]

Quality as the Ultimate Goal of Business

Quality has an unmeasurable nature to it. You can point at it with NPS score, you can point to it with outcomes, you can point to it with high repeat customer purchases, and top of mind brand awareness. But you can’t really define it.

The Path of Wisdom

Without intending to improve on the perfection of the Buddha, we add the concept of “Right Data” to The Path of Wisdom in the Eightfold Path. Data wasn’t a word when Siddhartha conceived of all this in 500 BC.

The Spirit of the Gift

Giving a gift creates or affirms a social relationship; it connects the giver and the receiver. Gifts usually imply future gifts, whether reciprocal or to someone else down the line. Moreover, gifts usually don’t have a standard value; their value depends on the unique relationship between giver and receiver, and it reinforces that relationship. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons we give gifts in the first place: to become more tied to, and thus less independent of, the person receiving.

We are worried about accountants

The accounting profession has fundamental problems. The accounting industry shuns innovation. CPAs focus on tax and compliance not business success. Accounting students don’t learn about business, management or statistics.