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To My Friend Jared

To my friend Jared

I have a lawyer friend named Jared.
He had four children
One of them has left this world.
Poisoned by our sin.

I saw him just the other day.
New wife and me for drinks.
He wasn’t very happy.
His aura it just stinks.

I put my arms around this man
And said to him I see you.
I see you dark.
I see you there and
I can see right through you.

Later I wrote this:

I see you dark.
I see you there
I am light and
In the air.

Quality pulls life to be
From a vast eternity
Life begets a story tree
It’s here
It’s us
Just you and me.

I see you dark
I see you there
I am light
I’m everywhere.

Stories grow like forests
Battling for the floor
Until a fire burns it all
And the trees they grow some more.

I see you dark.
I feel you here.
I have no fear.
Let’s have a beer.

Later that night it took a dark turn

Lets start another story.

Right now, you and me.

The Muck it grows the Lotus

That’s how it has to be.

It sucks and I just hate it.

It makes me cry all night.

I could not face
just what you see.

I am running from the fight

I am dark. 

I am the pain

I’m begging for the night.

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